Sep 13, 2013

Photo Friday – Instagram August

Insta August 2013

August was a glorious month. I had my birthday and was completely spoiled. Daragh, Ava and I had a wonderful day at Docklands in Melbourne, having a lovely lunch and such a fun time ice skating. It had been so long since I had been skating and although the hire skates were terrible I was able to get into it. Ice Skating is one of those things that gives me a cheek ache from smiling, I love it.

The beautiful flowers in the top image are from the amazingly talented Jaclyn Roma. If you live in Melbourne and want to go Ice Skating check out The Icehouse and that delicious Jaffa Cake is from Ivanhoe Cakes. It was a flourless orange cake with a chocolate ganache, I highly recommend them.

Although I had been unbelievably busy throughout August, I managed to balance it with some wonderful family time and it just seemed filled with the optimism of things to come. I really do hope the rest of the year carries on this way.


Photos by Berry Blue Design
Sep 13, 2013

Berry Blue Design – Soft Launch

Not a lot has been happening here on ‘Oh So Lovely’ but like a ducks feet paddling under water I have been rushing around like a crazy thing behind the scenes. My Event Stationery Business, Berry Blue Design, run with my husband Daragh and a little help from the little Ava, has launched it’s website. I call it the preview stage, even though there is a whole lot more work to do, we just didn’t want to keep it in hiding any longer.


If you haven’t had a look already pop over to our site and look at our designs, more will be added all the time and there will be more products of the non-wedding variety in the future.


Aug 14, 2013

Donate Blood

Give Blood

I donated blood recently because I thought it was a good thing to do. I can’t always afford to support the charities I would like but I am healthy and felt ‘this is something I CAN do’.

About a week later I received a letter in the mail telling me that I had save 3 lives. How amazing is that!

There are many reasons why I have put it off over the years, sometimes through absent mindedness and sometimes there are legitimate reasons which would have made me ineligible at the time. But if we all think about it a little more and make the effort we can save more lives.

1 in 3 people will need blood in their lifetime but only 1 in 30 donate. If it was your child, your brother or your mother who needed blood would you donate then? Then why not now? I doesn’t cost you ‘a coffee a day’ it just takes a little bit of your time.

So get a group together and donate some blood.

Photo by Berry Blue Design
Jun 17, 2013

Tulley Fairy Frou Frou

Tulle Skirt

On the weekend Ava had a lovely fairy party to attend. It was a beautiful sunny, although quite chilly day and with the chance to dress up and eat cake, Ava was in paradise. I bought her fairy wings but made her skirt using a simple tulle skirt tutorial I had found in Design Mom ages ago (I knew it would come in handy sooner or later).

In this tutorial they say the more the merrier when it comes to putting the tulle on, but I found that if it was overloaded too much, the waistband looses it’s elasticity. I left the ends square for this one but you can give it more of a fairy look with the edges trimmed to a point, maybe something I will try with the next one.

Tulle Skirt detail

Photos by Berry Blue Design
Jun 14, 2013

Photo Friday – Milan

A window to Milan

On these cold days I find myself thinking about glorious summer days in Milan in what feels like a life time ago. This is one of the photos that takes me there.

Photo by Berry Blue Design
Jun 9, 2013

Pajama Pictionary

Pajama Pictionary

Getting an almost 3 year old ready for bed can be a little difficult at times, there are always so many other more interesting things to do. Lately Ava and I have been playing pajama pictionary. I simply draw the an item of clothing, she guesses what it is and then takes it off(or puts it on, depending what we are up to), the main incentive is the promise of a new picture. I continue this through until she is dressed and ready in her jammies and it is surprising how quick this process is.

Pajama Pictionary
We have got into such a routine with the order in which we take off and put on clothes that it is also quite funny to her and makes it a little interesting when I mix the order up, like putting socks on before the nappy – how ridiculous. The pic shown includes some added items I chose to make it a little sillier, her bunny ears and a ring for her finger.

Once Ava is ready sometimes she starts drawing for me although she often anounces what it is she has drawn which is very helpful of her.

Image by Berry Blue Design
Jun 7, 2013

Knitting in public week

World Wide Knit in Public Week

World Wide Knit in Public Day was started in 2005 and has grown since then to become “knit in public WEEK” and it starts tomorrow, June 8 running until June 16th.

A super crafty and clever friend of mine, Jo reminded me about it – she is running knitting sessions at the libraries in Gippsland. Sadly for me I am not in the area this week, but she has definitely got me thinking about starting up a new knitting project.

In the past I have made some lovely scarves, (You can see some of them lined up in the image above) each with their faults, due to my lack of experience, but equally full of memories of the time in my life when I was knitting them, times when I had spare hours to fill with such crafty endeavours often during lunch breaks at work or while commuting.

Knitting Week - Bunny nuggets

There are some beautiful free patterns available online  (as well as ones you can purchase) here is a small collection. These funny bunnies are actually called bunny nuggets, I didn’t think I would ever want anything described as a ‘bunny nugget’ but I do like these.

I love the gorgeous grey cowl and they would very useful together with those classic mittens on the chilly winter mornings we have been having. The lovely shawlette by Pluma is light and feminine and would look very cool with a simple white top and dark jeans. And because I love some chunky buttons I couldn’t go past these fingerless gloves and that funky cushion (which could be a handy pattern for my living room project).

Knitting Week - Some patterns to aspire to

Knitting is remarkably fulfilling, knitting and pearling each stitch to create a row, adding row after row to create and entire garment. It is like making something out of nothing, I love it. Making something a little more challenging than a scarf would be a real achievement for me but I have been reminded that ‘practice makes perfect’ and I intend on keep plugging away and hopefully be confident enough to teach Ava one day.

This final pattern is just so gorgeous, a bit beyond my skills but worthy of admiration. This pattern is by Ysolda Teague and can be found on Ravelry

KnittingWeek - Gorgeous Hat by Ysolda Teague in Ravelry


Jun 7, 2013

Photo Friday – Instagram May 2013

Instagram May 2013

Photos by Berry Blue Design
May 31, 2013

Photo Friday – Spices in Venice

Spices in Venice

Photo by Berry Blue Design


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