Oct 8, 2011

Label it

Recently Ava started going to chilcare for just three hours a week and I had an unexpected quandary when she was starting. What method should I use to label her lunch box? I had a look at a few different options.

There are some lovely personalised labels you can purchase from websites like Stuck on you. These are specifically tailored to different needs such as labelling shoes, clothes, food containers, books, etc.

Then there is the eletronic labellers which are handy to have as you can make new labels as you need them, they aren’t as pretty as the formally mentioned ones but can be as versitile, you can get additional cartridges for making labels for clothing and the like.

What I decided to go with was the good old retro DATS Labeller. The kind I remember my Dad using on all his tools. I always thought they were fun to use is sure to be a bit different from the other kids at childcare. It doesn’t cover all my requirements but I simply use a pen to write her name on the tags of her clothes and on the insides of her shoes. Beacause she only goes once a week she has a short rotation of clothes and the same shoes for childcare. I think I will consider a different method for the future when our needs grow, but for now I am going to continue to play with my dinky little labeller.

Dymo Label

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